Welcome to my homepage. Until I have time to learn HTML, there wil be only this small page, with pictures showing my likings.


I work as a Tru64 UNIX system adminstrator. This is a screenshot I made on my testmachine at my work. It shows the standard CDE

desktop. I like CDE very much, as it's light weight and thus fast. The dxmandel program is mostly a toy. The only thing it does is draw

fractals. The collgui tool is used with collect. Collect is a Perl program that records performance data under Tru64 UNIX. Collgui

lets you plot this data using Gnuplot. Vmubc lets you monitor machines in real time. As can been seen from the four CPU bars,

the machine I am monitoring has four CPUs. The calculator speaks for itself.


This is another Tru64 UNIX screenshot. It shows the license manager. I just entered the Advanced Filesystem Utilities license.

ADVFS is the Tru64 UNIX replacement for the standard UFS. Having loaded the utilities license, you get a truckload of extra

options for ADVFS. This can be seen in the terminal window. I create a newfilesystem, and than grow and shrink it online.


Tru64 UNIX runs on Alpha hardware. This picture shows an Alpha EV68 833 MHz CPU. Alphas are the fastest CPUs in the world.

The benchmarks have only one thing to say to Intel's Itanium: READ IT AND WHEEP ! The CPU module has two heatsinks. The

small one cools the voltage convertor. The big one is there to cool the piece of very expensive silicon. The fastest available Alpha

CPU can cost up to $20.000, so I am really glad my boss pays for the servers.


This photo shows the backside of the CPU module. As you can see, the module is a bit more advanced than the CPU in a PC.


This is a close up of the CPU heatsink. The heatsink is pretty big, about the size of a CD jewel case. This is needed because the

EV68 consumes 100 Watts. The two silver chips on the right are the cache chips. They are made by IBM. There are a total of

eight one megabyte chips on the module.


My other passion is racing. This photo shows a replica of a Ferrari 246 F1, also know as the Dino. The 246 was raced in 1958.

With it Mike Hawthorn won the Drivers' Worldchampionship, beating Stirling Moss by just one point. The man in the car is Mall

Nickelson, owner of the Trentside garage. The car was hand build by him. Estimated value of the car is over one million pounds.

Just try to imagine what a real one would cost.


This is a close up of the side of the car. The rivets are a joy to behold. Of course, this being a replica of a racing Ferrari, it proudly

bears the sign of the Scuderia Ferrari.


This is another replica build by Mall. It's a Ferrari 330 P4, which raced Le Mans in 1967. The car became just second in the race.

Luckely it fared much better at Daytona, earlier the same year. It crushed the competion with a 1-2-3 victory.


Another view of the 330 P4 replica.


This is the Ferrari F93A, the 1993 Formula One car. It is powered by the now famous V12 engine. The 1993 pilots were Jean Alesi

and Gerhard Berger. The season wasn't a real success. With only one second and one third place for Alesi, and one third for Berger.

This is one of the cars that was raced by Gerhard Berger. It is now owned by Klaas Zwart, from the Ascari racing team.


This is a picture of Ernie, Bert's best friend. Although I am 29 years old, I still like to watch Bert and Ernie, as I still think Ernie is

realy cute and funny.